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The Project

Sports Aviation Flight College Australia (SAA) is a soon to be Recreational Flight School located at the Frog's Hollow air field in the Bega Valley.  The college will be offering all-inclusive flight training packages to Chinese students, with a strong focus on experiencing the Australian culture and the beauty of its natural environment.

The flight college will be headed up by young local recreational flight enthusiast, Mitchell Boyle.  Mitchell has been flying since he was just 15 years of age and at 16 years of age, he was the youngest pilot to solo circumnavigate mainland Australia (in which he still holds the record).  Mitchell is a passionate recreational flyer, an active member of the local community and is the leading drive behind the College.

In addition to bringing in export dollars to the local community, the Flight College will require over 200 employees once fully operational. Committed to the local community, SAA will be offering scholarships for both recreational aviation training as well as aircraft maintenance positions.



In the Press...

Some Highlights...

Local Employment

SAA is committed to the Bega Valley community and will be offering all of the jobs to the local community wherever possible.  Once fully operational (2022) the College will employ over 200 people.

Frogs Hollow Flight Club

SAA is passionate about recreational aviation and is happy to help where we can.  The Frog's Hollow Recreational Flight Club has the full support of SAA and will continue to operate from the air strip as it does currently.

Helping Local Businesses thrive

The College will be hosting Cultural days for the students, providing business to local tourism based businesses.  We will be buying supplies locally and spreading around the economic benefit wherever possible.

Building on Chinese Australian Relationships

Australia and China are constantly building on existing relationships.  SAA is proud to be contributing to Australia's proud multicultural diversity in sharing Australia's great record in Recreational Aviation.

Supporting the Local community

The College will be offering full scholarships and traineeships to graduating students from local High Schools that want to explore a career in aviation.  These scholarships will focus on both flight training and aircraft maintenance and assembly.

We're Locals too

SAA was founded by Bega Valley locals and has the values of Regional Australia at heart.


The exhilaration of flying is too keen, the pleasure too great, for it to be neglected as a sport.
— Orville Wright