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Frogs Hollow

RAA Sports Pilot Magazine July 2017

RAA Sports Pilot Magazine July 2017



Frogs is the oldest airfield in the Bega Valley. There is some conjecture around the actual first flight at Frog’s Hollow Aerodrome. Some articles say the aerial postal service began in 1932. Another states that it was 1939. While most records show that Adastra Airlines constructed the areas first aerodrome in 1937  “at Frog’s Hollow” so they could operate in practically all weathers. A Waco, fitted out as an ambulance, was put in service from there. A year later, a DragonFly was introduced for a twice weekly service, which successfully became a daily service with passengers & airmail.
In late 1940, Butler Air transport took over, using a Fairey Gannet, with an average of 40 passengers per week as well as up to 200 dozen oysters. Merimbula airport opened in 1956, and Frogs became the back-up strip; Butler relocated to Merimbula and Frogs started to slide into history.
In the late eighties, The Frogs Hollow Fliers banded together on the strip. The land, currently houses the eleven aircraft - three GA, four RA-Aus, three Experimental and one gyrocopter.



Bega Valley

The location of the College is the beautifully scenic Bega Valley.  The area is perfect for learning to fly and has a great variety of traditional Australian landscape within close proximity.  Frog's Hollow is located between the coast and the snowy mountains, making it the perfect location to engage in cultural activities and exploring the local landscape.